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She Is...

I'm gonna write this, but how many people will really care lol 

I personally don't think I've been through enough in life to really have a true biography to write but... Who knows. Here we go...

My name is Clarke Jones, I'm 25 years old, trying to figure out what to do in life! I am currently working at WIKS 101.9 Kiss FM in New Bern, NC. I graduated from East Carolina University as a Biology major and Communications minor. Going into radio during my junior year of college, after waking up thinking, "I should do radio, I think I have something to say that's worth being heard."​ I originally wanted to do plastic surgery which is why Biology was my major. I would still love to someday do to medical school. We'll see. 

I started off working as an on-air personality at the school radio station, WZMB 91.3, for about 2-3 years. This position helped me gain my position at my current station. I began interning at Kiss a few months after taking a tour of the station with the school station.

I currently co-host in the afternoons with Jay Blaze every weekday from 2p-6p. At 3:20p & 5:20p I have a segment called, "Trending Topics," speaking on the top stories happening locally and in entertainment. I am also the midday chick at Kiss as well. Talk about the grind being real! lol

In 2017, I spent some time co-hosting mornings at a former sister station, 107.9 WNCT Greatest Hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s for a few months. I've also filled in at another current sister station, V103, Carolina's Best Mix. 

As for my long term goal, VOICE ACTING!

I am a HUGE fan of cartoons and animation! Some of the best films are animated.

I hope to one day have my own character,

Ive been told I have the perfect voice!

If you've been through my site, you've seen a few gigs I've done for audio books and online series. I've enjoyed every opportunity so far!

I know I enjoy talking to people about their lives and random topics. Having good, funny and serious conversation with cool people is what I enjoy most. You learn so much just from talking to people. So many random things can be brought up and learned, just from starting a simple conversation. I enjoy helping people, and giving others a platform to share their talents and ideas. I am simply a people person. I am a introvert that can be social. I love people but I also love my space. I'm a chill girl. I can hang with the guys and have a dope conversation about anything, or I can relax with the girls and gossip for days.
Diversity is Key!      Variety is the spice of Life!       So this is my journey!         Enjoy!

She Is...: Bio
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